Saturday, June 26, 2010


Ellaine is going away to a week long camp tomorrow, so there won't be any posts until next Sunday, just thought I ought to let you know.

Your Friend,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guess What?

I get out of school in 3 days! Woohoo! Anyway, Ellaine has been hard at work on her LJ summer contest entries (I assume you all know what I am talking about). Serenity has been hard at work with her AGMA entries and I have been hard at work with trying not to be bored. Towards the end of the school year there is no homework or anything so I have been working hard to keep myself entertained. When Ellaine gets out of school we are going to be making a music video to the song "Vienna" by the Fray. We all love that song, so, you get the point. We don't know who is starring in it yet, but we will soon.

In other words, Ellaine is leaving for camp in exactly a week, which means no internet whatsoever for a whole week. *Tears* So, yeah. (I have a problem with finishing my sentences, don't I?)

Your Friend,

P.S. Ellaine gets her braces off tomorrow (FINALLY)!

P.S.S. This is my 102 post! I can't believe I missed my 100 post, sorry!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Thing To Be Changed......... (Updated)

I'm changing Leila's name to Lisette. I know this is random, but I don't really like the name Leila, and Lisette sounds a lot better to me. Now this may just be a temporary decision (I mean Lisette might sound good today, but I might change it back), I might change it back sometime, I don't know.........................
I'm all mixed up, but, as of right now, Lisette sounds good so I am changing her name.

What do you think about this new idea?

Elliane })({

P.S. I get out of school on June 23rd, then there will be a grand summer celebration post and you should expect to see a post every one or two days or so.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Plans

Only 14 days of school left! So, I really haven't been posting much because I am overwhelmed with end of the year projects, but I promise, after I get out, this blog is going to get a makeover and it will be updated much more. Ellaine and the family (us dolls) have lots planned for the summer. As soon as she gets out she is throwing a huge sleepover with all of her friends. Then, right after that she is going away to camp for a week. Since I am not allowed to use the computer while Ellaine is not here, there will be no posts that week. Next comes vacation bible school, a fun filled week where Ellaine will be a leader for smaller children. That is only in the evenings though, so I will still be able to post. After that comes theater camp for Ellaine. A month of lengthy rehearsals that lead up to the grand performance of Treasure Island. I might not post as much during this because Ellaine will be gone all day. Finally comes another weeek without posting (Oh, no!). Ellaine is going to San Diego for a week long family reunion at the beach. She says one or two of us can go, yay! And after that, she has the whole month of August free, which means lots of posts to make up for the couple of weeks that she will be gone! So that is our summer schedule, this summer is going to be so much fun!

Your Friend,

*Photos taken by Ellaine at Disneyland, don't they remind you of summer?*

P.S. If you haven't seen the jeans we made using LJ's awesome pattern, scroll down!