Friday, October 23, 2009

In which I (Ruthie) post about more randomness

Hello Earthlings!
I, Ruthie Smithens, shall now post on this wonderful blog.

So, sorry about not posting in, oh let's see, how long was it? What's that you say? Impossible! How could you say that! It has surely not been a week since I posted! How could you go and hurt my feelings like that! The last time I posted was on Friday! And today is, well let's see, Monday, no, Tuesday, no, Wednesday, Thursday, Today is Friday, Ha! It's Friday and the last time I posted was on.................Friday. Well, uh........that, that must mean that the last time I posted was today! No? No, I didn't post today, soooooooo, uh...............alright! I give up, I haven't posted in a week and I'm sorry. For getting mad at you and for not posting in so long.

Just kidding! But really, I am sorry. I guess your not reading this just to hear me say I'm sorry, so now, we shall get on with the juicy rumors, news, updates, randomness, and any other word you can think up that fits in that category.

1. Ellaine has been so busy with homework, school, Hallow's Eve, Friends, Projects, Food network, youtube, Liberty Jane (I'm guessing that you now why I put LJ) uh, cold weather, alright, those last few don't make sense, but the point is, she's always busy. And now she is going to be the editor and a columnist for her class newspaper! Ellaine, who new you could get so busy!

2. Alton Brown is awesome! Yes, very random

3. Click here to watch a hilarious (At least to me) video, Just watch the beginning (Until you here the funky music and see some cheesy animations), but it is on youtube so you have been warned. It's not my video and I did not make it!!! By the way, the guy in the black coat is Alton Brown.

4. I am going to post some random pictures

5.Ellaine is going to her brother's soccer game tomorrow, they are facing the undefeated team, wish them luck!

6. There is nothing else to say, I know, my life is boring

Well, I gotta go, Bye!

Your Friend,

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  1. Hi Ruthie,
    Wow I like your confusing logic! That was intense SD