Monday, February 8, 2010

Some Pictures of my New LJ Outfits.

Sorry, They aren't that good, they were the only ones I could get before my camera died. So here they are:

I bought 6 different separates:

-The green skinny jeans from the green peace outfit (at least I think that is what it was called)
-The blue skinny jeans from I think it was the code red outfit
-The red sparkly tank top from the Holiday Shimmer outfit
-The black long-sleeved shirt from the Until Twilight outfit
-The black vest from the until twilight outfit
-And a red T-shirt

I know the skinny jeans don't match, The skinny jeans weren't meant to go with the shirts but I just didn't want to have to photograph 20 different dolls all wearing 1 piece of clothing that I bought.

As for the quality, Everything is just AMAZING!
Everything is such good quality, way better than AG.

The jeans-The Skinny jeans are so cute in real life, they have so much detail.
The shirts-The shirts are wonderful. They are made out of nice, thick fabric and unlike some of AG's shirts, the stitching won't come undone.
The red tank top- The glimmery red tank top is so pretty, It fits perfectly and it really does sparkle in the sun. It is made out of see-through, sparkly fabric and there is a longer piece of fabric sown in the front than in the back so that it will bunch up.
The Vest- My favorite part is the little vest. It fits perfectly and it has so much detail, and because it is black it will look good over any shirt. The little shoelace that comes with it is cute too, it is AG doll sized. The vest stays on perfectly and it is just extraordinary.

Everything I bought is amazing! Thanks Liberty Jane!

Ellaine })({


  1. The pic's are cute! Don't be so hard on yourself :) We love happy fans!

  2. The pics aren't that bad! My favorites are #1, #3, #8 and #14.

    The outfits are very pretty! I love the one that Leila has on. Those seperates have great mix-and-match potential! :D

    Congrats on your order!


  3. The pictures are great! I love the clothes you bought, especially the blue and green skinny jeans. :-)


  4. Beautiful pics! I love them! I hope my person will order me some Liberty Jane clothing :)