Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Exciting News! (Well, For Me)

So, Yesterday Ellaine ordered some stuff from LJ (Liberty Jane)! I am so excited, She ordered many different items from them and I can't wait until they get here. I am keeping what she bought a secret until it gets here and I can post some pictures. I am expecting them to be here in about a week and a half (Next Wednesday). These items will be the second couture outfit that Ellaine has, the only other one consisting of Jess's white T-Shirt and Teal Skinny Jeans from LJ, which are AWESOME by the way! To get in the mood for couture here are some pictures of Ellaine's first LJ outfit, modeled by the beautiful Jess next to our Christmas Tree. Here you go, well I have to go now, Bye!

Your Friend,

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  1. So Cute!

    Your new clothes are on the way...

    -Liberty Jane CLothing