Sunday, March 28, 2010

Contests and Their Results

So, great things have been happening to Ellaine lately! Rose at Roses are Read awarded Ellaine and I 1st place in her photography contest! We were so surprised when we found out! We didn't even expect to place! Thank you so much Rose and company! Today we also found that Ellaine had won 3rd place in the Liberty Jane Valenspring contest for the Facebook portion of it! We get a pair of shoes and we are really excited because we don't have any LJ shoes yet. Anyway, other than that nothing interesting has been happening lately, but I think something big is going to happen very soon, I am almost positive that Ellaine is keeping something from us. I wonder what it could be?

Your Friend,

P.S. We did a recent photo shoot with Nicki, it was a very formal shoot, how did the pictures turn out?

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  1. Hi, it's Emmalee Chance :) Your photos are amazing! Congrats on 1st place @ Roses are Read; I loved that photo... and on 3rd place for Liberty Jane Clothing, too. Hmm, what could 'something big' be? I'm already anxious to find out... :D