Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and Some Other Thoughts

So, I have to admit that my posts have been VERY dull and boring lately, I am really sorry about this. All I have been posting about is Ellaine's life if even ever. So I want to change things up a little bit to make things a little bit more interesting! I want to try to post more about our (Our as in "Us dolls") lives and what we are going through and everything like that, so that is what I want to try to do. I am going to be taking newer pictures and doing more "photo story" type posts. So, yeah, oh and the posting is minimal as of right now because all of us dolls and Ellaine are in school right now and we are about to start taking all of those HUGE end of the year exams that everyone always has to take. I will be posting more often as soon as we go on summer vacation!

Another thing, now I KNOW that Ellaine is hiding something from us and I have a feeling that whatever it is, it is going to happen EXTREMELY soon. I continue to see her sneaking into our sewing room. Maybe she is sewing something for us? That would be AWESOME, but why? It's not like anything special is happening anytime soon, hmmm?

Did I mention,

HAPPY EASTER! I hope all of you had a great Easter, I know we did!

Your Friend,

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