Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting ready for................

Another season of AGMA. Yeah, I want another shot at winning, even if it means going through a WHOLE season again. I think I could win it if I really tried my best. So, I am entering Serenity this time and I am going to use the new camera that I got for my birthday. So, here are some interesting pictures that I don't think I have shown before on this blog. It is Leila with my friend's doll, Rebecca. Enjoy! Adios!

Ellaine & Ruthie


  1. I love the pictures! Good luck with AGMA. I wonder if Rebecca should enter...Hmm...Either way I will look forward to seing more of Serenity!


  2. When does AGMA start exactly? I have Cali entered in ADMA, but I want to enter one of my other dolls in AGMA possibly. Serenity will do great I bet!


  3. Good luck with AGMA! I love the new header, btw. Photos like that are sure to do well!