Monday, April 5, 2010


So today I sewed a shirt for my AG dolls, it isn't very good, but considering I was learning to use a sewing machine at the same time I was making it, it turned out pretty good! What do you think of it?

Ellaine })({

P.S. Did I mention that I made it using Liberty Jane's awesome guidebook and patterns?


  1. It's cute! I like the colour & neck line. It's really good for the 1st thing you've ever made with a sewing machine, too!

  2. Very pretty! I agree with Sitara, the color is stunning on Lanie! I also adore how it looks with the bright green pants. Great job! :)


  3. Cute! You did a good job with it and I like the pants you've combined it with. It looks great on Leila! :D


  4. It looks great, and I love the pink and green colour combo! :D

  5. Oh it looks gorgeous on her! Perfect colors for spring too! You are way more talented than me at sewing and this is your first thing! :)
    Love, Lola Bean

  6. Very pretty colors and design!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That looks very nice. I agree with what others have said, the color looks great, especially combined with the green pants. Good job for your first time using a sewing machine.