Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Finally Over!

I finally am done with my giant history report, 5 pages long, 16 long slided power point, filming + editing a movie at least 5 times (Literally) (I'm not kidding). Well, I should say "editing the SAME movie 1000 times because it continued not to work on school computers, and it is FINALLY over. I am sorry for abandoning my blog, but I had to get it finished. Well, everything went well and I'm getting and A so I am happy (did I mention that all of this was in Spanish, seriously). Okay, enough about school, so everyone, referring to my dolls, are good, considering that they haven't been touched in two weeks. I will be blogging this weekend with pictures, so yep. The weather: has been AWESOMELY AWESOME here! Cloudy, rainy for 3 days straight! You are probably asking "what planet are you from?" well, considering that where I live EVERY SINGLE STINKING day is all Sunny, sunny, sunny, oh and some more sun + sun. I hadn't seen a single cloud for 3 months before this weather came. IT EVEN SNOWED A LITTLE BIT YESTERDAY!!!!! I was so excited, it all melted, but it is still rainy and cold, well, that is everything, so, I'll blog sometime this weekend, adios!

Ellaine })({

P.S.I took all of the pictures above and they belong to me.

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  1. Wow! I am so glad that you are done with all that stuff, I don't know any Spanish at all, I don't even know English THAT well!!! I like you guyses outfits in the picture too!

    Samantha Anna Parkington
    (From the Dolls Of Carrieville)