Monday, September 14, 2009

AGMA, AGMI and Other News

Hi, First off, I AM GOING CRAZY!!! Pioneerfan (Katie Kenelly) from Samantha and her Sister's Extraordinary Blog is driving me crazy with suspense. She won't tell anyone which dolls she is going to get. Moving on. I entered Jess into AGMI on youtube and she was accepted and I entered Ruthie into the original AGMA on youtube and hopefully she will be excepted. Ellaine went to her Grandma's house yesterday and her Grandma has a jewelry case that is a perfect buffet table for us. Her Grandma said that she is going to give it to Ellaine because she doesn't use it anymore. So, we are going to get a free buffet table, yay! I will take pictures of it when we get it. Ellaine is asking for Serenity for Christmas becuase she will be here sooner than if Ellaine tried to save up enough money to get her. So, that is about it, Bye!

Your Friend,


  1. Hey Ruthie!
    Kate is driving us crazy to :) I can't wait! I think....Chrissa and Felicity though, she really likes them! :D Good job Jess, and I hope you get accepted!

  2. Hi Ruthie! Lol! Katie Kenelly is driving us crazy too because we don't know what "sisters" we'll get next. Agh!

    Yay for Jess! Congrats! I saw her video and she looked gorgeous! :) I hope you get accepted too, Ruthie! You also looked beautiful in your video! :)

    I hope Ellaine gets Serenity for Christmas! She's a VERY pretty doll!

    That's awesome you're getting a new buffet table! That's so nice of Ellaine's grandma to give that to her. Can't wait to see the pictures!

    Oh, it's true. I am crazy. I've used nearly all exclamation points in this whole comment.

    Your friend,

    Molly on Pioneer's account