Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our School Pictures!

Hi, we took our school pictures yesterday, we haven't started school yet, but we have to have our pictures on the first day of school because we are going to write our resumes on the first day (Which is on Tuesday). So here they are. Also, pictures of our dorm, it is three girls to a dorm and they usually try to keep families and friends together. I share a dorm with Jess and Nicki. Ammie and Felicity share a dorm with a JLY #24 and Kirsten and Elizabeth share a dorm with a JLY #33. I can't wait to start school. Rumor has it that at the end of the year, they pick the 30 dolls that did the best that year and they get to be in a real movie! They also added another class, Modeling 101. So, you might see me during AGMA on Youtube because Ellaine is entering me in it. She already enterd Jess in AGMI, but that story is for a different post. We filmed a music video today as a kind of, get use to the whole acting thing. I played the main character! Click here to see it, but be warned it is on Youtube, so you get the point. Well, I have to go, Bye!!!

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  1. Great school pictures! ;-) You all look so pretty!