Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Updates

I realized that I really need to post today, so hi, right now all Ellaine can think about is school and her auditions on Friday, as for the play at her church, let's just say that they swapped scripts and now Ellaine hates that play. Enough said. Friday she has auditions for the real deal. Her community playhouse's play, and that is a big deal. So she is really hoping to earn a role in that play. The only thing that is standing in her way is the fact that there are no girl parts in the play, she is going to have to play a boy or not get in at all. She doesn't mind playing a boy, but she doesn't know if the director will cast her as a boy. As for my life, school is going great, sorry that I have not kept you updated on our school, there is just so much going on. But I am waiting for the results for AGMA on youtube. Ellaine entered me so I hope that I get in!!! As for Serenity, Ellaine asked her Grandma (the one that got Ellaine pretty much all of the AG stuff that she has) for Serenity for Christmas or her birthday. Her Grandma said that Ellaine's order was approved and that she would get Serenity for Ellaine. Her Grandma is so nice! Well, I have to go and eat dinner, if I don't post before, then I will post on Friday and tell you how the auditions went, Bye!!!

Your Friend,


  1. Wow cool Ruthie!
    Ellane will do good in the play no matter what I'm sure :)
    That's cool about Serenity! She lookes like Mia with shor hair right?