Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am not happy right now! Neither are any of my sisters. Ellaine went shopping with her little brother last night. She came home wearing these new boots. She spent 30$ on BOOTS! Now we are down to 30$ and we have to save up 80$ instead of 50$!!!!!!!!!! I am screaming right now! Our new sister isn't going to come for a while. I just need to calm down. After all, I guess it is Ellaine's money and she can spend it how ever she wants to. But I am still mad. The fire is still bad and the firefighters say that they won't be able to put it out for 2 weeks but I am not going to bore you with that. I know from Avery from Avery-Here! that the identity of the new JLYs has been revealed and other new stuff but I am not going to read it because I want it to be a surprise for me. So please don't tell me about any of the new stuff. I want to be surprised. Anyway. Ellaine wants to make a youtube account so that she can enter one of us in season 2 of AGMA. ( I am guessing you already know what that is) She also wants to enter some of her designs for the Liberty Jane Fall 2009 contest. So she is going to ask her parents if she can have a youtube account. Good luck to Mia Lily from American Girl Adventures and Avery from Avery-Here!. They both got the top 2 spots for AGMA. So, that is about it. Bye!

Your Friend,

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  1. Hi Ruthie! Oooh, I would also be very angry with Pioneer if she did that!!! But, I agree with you, it is Ellaine's money.

    I am so sorry about the fire! It must be so frightening for you! I would be awfully scared also! I hope you'll be okay!

    That's an awesome idea to make a YouTube account! I might want to enter in Seas. 2 of AGMA also, but anyways, that's awesome!

    From you friend,

    Samantha using Pioneer and my sisters' account