Monday, August 31, 2009

The Difference Between Thoughts and Reality

Well, yesterday, as soon as I posted the sky got all smokey again. The fire is even bigger and it is getting closer. Ellaine's best friend already had to evacuate his house. It is probably burning down at this very moment. We are all so scared. Everyone is saying that it can't get to us, but anything can happen. So, just a warning, if I disappear and don't post for a month or so it is probably because the fire got to us. But we are praying that that doesn't happen. So, anyway we are still scared but I just have to focus on other things. Um, 3 days left until the new JLYs come out. Ellaine is going to audition for the ~insert city name~ playhouse's Christmas play. She was in it last year and she said it was so much fun. Well, she is going to audition considering the playhouse is still there. She is going to find out when the auditions are tomorrow. Ellaine saw Annie the musical for the second time on Saturday. She said it was wonderful. Her favorite song was Tomorrow.

When I'm stuck in a day that's grey and lonely,
I just stick up my chin and grin and say,
Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow,
Your only a day away.

I did not write those lyrics, they belong to the man that wrote the songs for the musical Annie, but I don't know his name. But that was Ellaine's favorite line from the song. So we have 60$ for our new sister now. We are getting very close to chosing her name. I know that I still haven't told you about our new school but I don't feel like typing all of that right now. I have to go, I think Ellaine is calling me. I hope you have a better Monday than me. Bye.

Your Friend,
Ruthie S.


  1. Hi Ruthie! Oh my gosh, I am so sorry the fire is getting worse and worse!!! Hopefully it will clear up! I hoep you'll be okay, I'm sure you will be! :)

    I'm so happy for you about your new sister! I love the names y'all have chosen--they're very pretty. Serenity and Ivory are just gorgeous names!

    Good luck at the auditions, Ellaine! :) Hope t's fun!

    Sorry for the long comment!

    Your friend,

    Ruthie on pioneer and my sisters' account :)

  2. Oh, I feel so bad for you. I hope that Ellaine's friend will be okay. The fire doesn't seem like the best way to end Summer, but all fire dies out eventually.
    I hope your new sister will come soon. Her name should be Paige. Good luck on the Auditions, Ellaine.
    ~Julie (using Abby's account)

  3. Wow, I'm super sorry! The best thing to do, is not think about what could happen. No matter what happens, you will be safe. If the fire gets close enough for you to evacuate, at least you will still have your family. (This is for Ellane) I'm sure you will be okay! We will pray for you ;)
    The Sisters In ♥