Thursday, August 20, 2009

Count Down and Names

Only 14 days until the new JLY come out, I am really interested to see what they look like. I hope that there are some that have freckles, right now there are only 2 JLY dolls with freckles. A lot of people have freckles. Ellaine's mom said that she is allowed to get one more doll. So if Ellaine likes one of the new JLY she might get one. She has 50$ so far so we only need 50$ more. We are pretty sure that the last sister we get will be a JLY. We have 2 historical sisters, 2 historical friend sisters, and 2 girl of the year sisters, we only have one JLY sister, and she is lonely. So, I think you get the point. I wonder what her name will be. We are going to go research names right now. I will post later with the pictures, I promise. So, BYE!

Your Friend,

P.S. You can still tell me about your perfect JLY
(read the post before this one for details)

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