Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Fair, California, and.........Hallows' Eve (Holloween)

Hello Everyone!
The Fair is coming up soon!
It is 10 days long and it is always at the end of August. Ellaine is going to take one of us. As to which doll she is going to take.......nobody knows. But we are all doing our chores and being really good little angels so that we might have a chance of going. It is going to be really fun for the doll who gets to go. Ellaine is going to California to go to the beach and Lego land. She is taking a doll.
Nobody knows which doll that is going to be either. There is only I thing we know, it won't be the doll that went to the fair. Personally, I would rather go to California than the fair. I will take many pictures and post them, okay. Now about Hallows' Eve (I like calling it it's proper name), Ellaine is going trick or treating with her best friend and they are going as, Guess what. That's right, American Girl Dolls. Ellaine is going as Nicki and her friend as Jess. Nicki and Jess are so lucky! They get to spend a whole night walking around with Ellaine and we are stuck up in her bedroom, forced to look at all of the dolls that get to trick or treat with their owners. Oh, well.
At least we still get candy. Well that is it. I am posting another random picture. It is us with one of the dogs that we live with, I will post a picture of the other one later. Well, Bye!

Your Friend,

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  1. Wow, Hollow's Eve sounds like it's going to be fun! I was thinking of trying to be Kirsten, but I don't know if I'll be able to find a dress.

    I hope you have a great time at the Fair and Lego Land!!!!!!!

    Your friends,

    pioneerfan04 and my dolls