Friday, August 21, 2009

Sad News

I am really sad right now. The saddest thing just happened.
So, I was sitting on the couch with Ellaine when all of the sudden Bang !!! We looked at our sliding glass door that leads to our front porch and there was a cute little birdy laying on the ground. Ellaine, being an animal lover immediately ran to the laundry room grabbed a pair of those plastic gloves that doctors wear and ran outside. I got up a ran to look out the window along with the dogs to watch Ellaine. She picked up the bird and it was still alive, it started fluttering its wings and she thought that it might be okay. stopped fluttering its wings and it died. WAAAAAHAAA! I feel so sad for that little birdy. Then Ellaine said a couple of words for the little birdy and she put it in the dessert. Oh! I am so sad.

Your sad Friend,
Ruthie S.

P.S. Thanks to Spencer for giving me those name suggestions, I really like Brystal.
Today I am going to take off Tara.


  1. Wahhh! That was terrible! I can't believe that the bird died. Except, Elaine buried him in a dessert, or desert. And, you live by a desert?

  2. Oh I'm so sorry!!!!! That makes me feel awful too!!!! :(

    Your friends,

    Pioneerfan04 and my dolls

  3. Oh sad! Well, I guess that means that we shouldn't ever clean our windows!
    I'm glad you like the name Brystle!