Wednesday, August 26, 2009

San Diego!

So, I won on both of the polls. But since I went to the fair, it wouldn't be fair for me to go to San Diego too. So, Ammie got 2nd place so she is going. She is all packed up: for San Diego and for AGEAA. So, we are all excited for her. She promised to take pictures, and she usually keeps her promises, unlike me. As soon as she gets back we are all leaving for school. But, since we are not allowed to use the computer when Ellaine isn't here, we won't be posting until Friday. Anyway, look at the bracelets that Ellaine made. She said that she had alot of fun at the fair. The saw this play called Welcome Back, Potter. It was a spoof about Harry Potter, except his name was Larry Potter. She said it was hilarious. So that is it. Our life is pretty boring right now. It will be more interesting once we start school and once our new sister comes. I took off Melanie yesterday and Margaret today. Well, Bye!

Your Friend,

P.S. This is totally random, but did you know that putting cheese slices in your tomato soup is really good?


  1. Awesome bracelets! Have fun at San Diego, Ammie :-)


  2. Hi Ruthie! Sorry we haven't commented in a while, we've been really busy at school! Those bracelets are beautiful! :) Tell Ammie we said have fun at San Diego!

    Your friends,

    pioneerfan's AG dolls!