Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New JLYs? Updated!

I just realized something.
If American Girl is archiving so many JLY, does that mean that they are making new ones?
I hope so. Otherwise why would they archive so many at once. I seriously think that they are making new ones. If they are, I wonder when the new ones will come out. I will be really happy if they make new ones because none of them appeal to me right now. If I could make my own JLY it would have brown eyes, freckles, and wavy, light red hair, parted on the side, with no bangs. It would have the original face mold. If you could make your own JLY what would it look like? What hair and eye color would she have? Would her hair be long or short?, curly or straight?, layered or not?, would she have freckles or not? What face mold would she have? Everyone, tell me what your perfect JLY would look like. It doesn't have to look like you. I will make a special post telling about everyone's JLYs.
And you can make as many as you want!

Your Friend,

P.S. I will post the pictures of us packing later, I am too lazy to upload them onto the computer right now. BYE!

P.S.S. Thanks to Emily and Spencer for this information, AG is coming out with 8 new JLYs on September 3rd! And thanks to Emily and Spencer for telling me about your perfect JLY!

P.S.S.S. Thanks to pioneerfan04 for telling me about her perfect JLYs!


  1. AG is actually coming out with 8 new JLYS on September 3! YAY! I REALLY want one with blond ringlets, green eyes, and freckles! Yours sounds WAY cute!

  2. Hi Ruthie!!! I think my perfect JLY would probably be dark auburn, (more brown then red though) wavy hair, black eyes, medium skin, no banes, medium skin, and some layers, but they wouldn't be noticeable. Also, I think another one I'd like would be black hair, fair skin, and light brown eyes with freckles.

    I LOVE your perfect JLY! She sounds like she would be very pretty! I've always wanted freckles like my brother and sister. :(

    I'm glad they're making new JLYs. I only like a few.

    Sorry for the looong comment!! Bye!!

    Your friend,


    P.S. I like your new profile picture! It's really pretty!

  3. My perfect JLY would have very curly red hair, gray eyes and lots of freckles. She'd have the Josefina face mold (the one Rebecca, #28, Elizabeth have) and she'd have fair skin. I also think one with short black hair and green eyes with the classic face mold would be cute.

    I also like your profile picture, Ruthie, you lookk so pretty!!! ;-)

    Sunny, Cali's person ***