Saturday, August 15, 2009

Schools- Old and New

The weirdest thing happened last night. Here is the story.

So, last night was back to school night. It's when you go and get all of your books and you find out who's class you are going to be in. Except at our school half of it is in Spanish and the other half is in English. When we arrived at our school we saw our principal, Ms. Benson.

We all said "Hi, Ms. Benson"

Then she said "Oh! Hello there girls, what a surprise to see all of you. You have all been such good students these past couple of years. I am so sad to say that I won't be your principal this year."

Then Ammie said "Why? Are you leaving this school?"

Ms. Benson said "Me? No, I'm not leaving, you are the ones that are leaving, aren't you? Not one of you girls are signed up for this year. I assumed that you new that.

Nicki asked "Are you sure? Our owner, Ellaine, never told any of us about this."

Ms. Benson assured us "I'm positive"

"Well.......... Okay then, I guess we'll just leave. Bye." said Felicity in a strange voice.

Ms. Benson said bye and then we all left.

As soon as we were outside of the school we all let our questions spill.

"What does she mean we're not signed up?"
"Does this mean that we're going to a different school?"
"How come nobody ever told us we weren't signed up?"
"What school are we going to now?"
"This is really weird."

We discussed it all the way home while riding on our bikes. When we got home we parked our bikes in the garage. As we walked onto the porch we were all wondering the same thing-

What was going to happen now???

Kirsten opened the door and


I saw Ellaine holing a sign that read


And I screamed.
American Girl Elementary Acting Academy!!!

I love acting, I have performed in 14 plays, I was the main character in 5 of them.

I have begged Ellaine to send me to that school for the last 4 years. And now my dream is coming true. And not just me, but all of my sisters are coming with me. We're going in 10 days.
YAY! I will tell you more about the AGEAA later. Sorry this is so long. BYE!!

Your Very Happy friend,


  1. Hi!
    Nice blog Ruthie! We'll add you to our link list.
    The Sisters In ♥

  2. Yay!!!! Tht's great Ruthie!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Have fun at your new school!!!

    ~pioneerfan04 and my dolls

  3. That's terrific!!! I feel so happy for you